Health, Safety & Environment

Health an Safety

At Black Opal Energy Services we take safety first and our management is committed to providing a safe working environment for our employees, sub-contractors, customers and the world around us. By protecting our people, we are also protecting our business and it is with that goal in mind that we have developed our Health & Safety Program.

Adhering to all applicable legislation pertaining to our workplace, we have built safe work practices, hazard identification and controls as well as emergency preparedness into our safety program. To ensure that all are prepared to fulfill those responsibilities, it is mandatory for all employees and subcontractors to attend our initial orientation and be committed to continued learning and growth.

The management at Black Opal Energy Services will regularly review and evaluate the performance of our safety program and identify areas for improvement as a result of the ever changing laws, regulations, technology and industry standards.


"You're Future...Our Responsibility"

We believe that environmental protection is a responsibility we all share and will strive to maintain a safe and healthy environment far into the future. At Black Opal Energy Services we are committed to protecting the environment from harmful and destructive practices and this will be attained by following the policy and procedure which are an integral part of our safety program.