Black Opal Energy Services purchases Box4Water for Canadian work camps

Posted October 23rd, 2012

Contern, 16 February 2010 - The cleantech company Epuramat has received an order for a container wastewater treatment system from Canada. There, the "Box4Water" will be used to treat household wastewater generated by work camps throughout Canada, resulting in significant savings in the costs associated with wastewater disposal.

Until now, the Canadian companies that operate work camps have been collecting the wastewater from the work camps, which is then pumped into trucks and transported to the municipal treatment plant. Annual costs for this type of water disposal for a typical work camp amount to $ 100,000 - costs which the Epuramat system will completely do away with. Water treated with the "Box4Water" meets Canadian statutory provisions, which means that it can be diverted into water bodies. Because of its low investment and operating costs, the "Box4Water" will pay for itself in a very short time period.

Black Opal Energy Services is the purchaser and operator of the container treatment system. The company plans to use several "Box4Water" systems at different locations. President Russell Entwistle is very enthusiastic about the Epuramat technology: "The Box4Water solves a number of different problems associated with mobile water treatment at the camps. The system is easy to operate and able to withstand Canada's extremely low temperatures."

The "Box4Water" which has been sold to Black Opal Energy Services is a complete wastewater treatment system including sludge dewatering, and fits into a 40 foot container. The enormous reduction in space as compared to conventional systems is only made possible with Epuramat's extreme separator ("ExSep"), for which a patent has been filed. The highly efficient and space-saving pre-treatment process using the ExSep immensely simplifies and relieves the cleaning processes of subsequent treatment stages. It makes for a smaller and simpler treatment system which is characterized by minimum maintenance requirements and is easy to operate.


About Black Opal Energy Services Inc.

Founded in 2009 in Leduc, Alberta, Canada, Black Opal Energy Services Inc. is a private company that provides its clients with energy efficient water technology solutions. Black Opal rents, operates and services containerised wastewater treatment plants on remote working sites. These sites have a large presence in Canada as they are often used for logging, mining and oil extraction – enabling Canada’s role as one of the world’s leading supplier of natural resources and processor of the world’s largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.

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