Multi-Pack Support Unit

Multi-Pack Support Unit

The Multi-Pack Support Unit has been designed to provide a complete utility package for oil & gas drilling wellsites or campsites. This single unit houses power, sewer and water. In addition to the necessary amenities there is also a washroom, change room, laundry and emergency shower/eye wash to support oilfield operations.

Our Multi-Pack Support Unit has been built on an oilfield skidded building 11’(w) x 11 ½’(h) x 55’(l) and is designed, built, owned and operated by Black Opal Energy Service Inc.

Bonus Features Include:

Multi-pack Features

  • Wastewater Treatment
  • 5 m3 (20 Person) Membrane Wastewater Treatment System
  • Remote monitoring and operations
  • Excellent effluent deliverables meeting and exceeding regulatory standards;
  • CBOD < 5 ppm
  • TSS<1 ppm

Power Generation

  • Dual 100 kw Generators
  • Backup generator continuously heated and battery charge
  • Automatic transferring to backup generator
  • Remote monitoring
  • 1,000 gal fuel storage providing 5 days of run time

Potable Water Distribution

  • 1,800 gal potable water storage and distribution

Additional Features

  • Emergency Shower & Eye Wash
  • Washroom
  • Change room
  • Dual washer & dryers
  • 1000 Watt Multi-Direction Light Tower
  • 25’ Retractable mast
  • LED Technology with 25 year life expectancy
  • 19° Beam Focus for high intensity lighting
  • External Building lighting
  • Retractable building steps with travel locks