ExSep Technology

ExSep Technology

What is it?

The patented Extreme-Separator ExSep® is a treatment device for mechanical solid/liquid separation. In the municipal wastewater treatment, ExSep® replaces sand and fat trap as well as huge sedimentation tanks. In the field of industrial wastewater treatment, ExSep® takes over the complete primary treatment. ExSep® is characterized by an efficiency of up to 99.9% in the separation of organic and inorganic solids (particle size ≥ 15μ). Throughput capacities of the scalable ExSep® range from 0.5 to 500m3 per hour.

The operation of the ExSep® is based on a combination of gravitational forces and the laws of fluid dynamics and thus requires no energy as well as no chemicals. Separated solids sink to the bottom of the cone shaped device where the suspension thickens and is sucked off for subsequent sludge treatment.

Benefits of the ExSep

  • Relief of subsequent treatment steps such as membrane and biological filtration
  • Huge space savings
  • No chemical flocculants necessary
  • Low investment and maintenance costs
  • High seperation efficiency of up to 99.9%
  • Compact and robust design
  • Made of austenitic stainless steel